Southern Cooking with Fats & Oils

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mayonnaise in southern foods

Mayonnaise is known for sandwiches, as a base in dressings, and as an ingredient in many Southern-style dishes such as potato salad and coleslaw. Mayonnaise adds richness and depth of flavor to a wide variety of dishes.


southern cooking with lard

This traditional fat adds rich flavor and tenderness to dishes such as biscuits, cornbread, and even roasted vegetables. Use lard in moderation for a delicious and authentic Southern experience.

Vegetable Oils

southern cooking with vegetable oils

Indulge in the diverse flavor options of vegetable oils for your Southern cuisine. From light and neutral-tasting canola oil, to the bold and pungent flavor of extra virgin olive oil, these versatile oils are the perfect addition to any dish. Ideal for sauteing, frying, and baking, experience the delicious results of cooking with quality vegetable oils.

Bacon Grease

how to use bacon grease

Bacon grease, an iconic staple in Southern cuisine, adds richness and depth of flavor to dishes. Often used for frying or as a base for sauces, this rendered fat is an essential ingredient in many classic Southern recipes.

Fats and oils play a big role in southern cooking, providing rich and creamy textures, and adding flavor to dishes like gravy, biscuits, and cornbread. In southern cuisine, the most common fats and oils used include bacon grease, lard, and vegetable oil.

Bacon grease is a staple in many southern kitchens, often used to cook breakfast foods like eggs, biscuits, and gravy. It’s also a great addition to greens and beans, providing a smoky flavor that’s hard to beat.

Lard is another common fat used in southern cooking, often used to make flaky pie crusts, biscuits, and fried chicken. It’s also used as a base for many sauces, like gravy and sausage gravy, adding richness and flavor to these classic southern dishes.

Vegetable oil is also commonly used in southern cooking, often for frying foods like chicken, catfish, and okra. It’s a versatile and neutral-flavored oil that’s great for a variety of cooking applications, making it a staple in many southern kitchens.

When it comes to southern cooking, it’s important to choose the right oil or fat for the job. For high-heat cooking, like frying, vegetable oil is a great choice. For baking, lard or shortening is a good option, while butter is a great addition to dishes like cornbread and biscuits.

Fats and oils are an essential part of southern cuisine, providing rich and creamy textures, and adding flavor to a variety of dishes. From bacon grease to vegetable oil, there’s a fat or oil to suit every cooking need in southern cooking.

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